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Doc Promo provides healthcare providers the best AI-based conversational solutions using the easy accessible chat platform with WhatsApp Bot

Today, India has the highest number of WhatsApp users at 487 million. This number is growing at a rate of 16.6% per year. After the pandemic, people are turning towards telemedicine. WhatsApp is becoming the most popular medium for this digital consultation due to its features like

Whatsapp Bot importance in Healthcare

Start Healthcare Provider & User Conversational Experience With Doc Promo

Single Window Service

All healthcare services from consultation, treatment, diagnostic reports to billing at one place

Easy Appointments Booking

Easy to do appointment booking and scheduling along with better audio or video doctor consultation

Attainable Health Records

Doctors and patients can easily access the digital health records, including e-prescription and test reports

Digital Health Card

All patients records can be accessible with one digital health card that can be downloaded anytime

BeFit For Clinical Workflow

Aids in streamlining the functionality of the healthcare system & offering patients the best experience

Digital Billing Solution

Patients can do easy billing digitally from anywhere with this feature

Benefits Doc Promo's WhatsApp Bot Delivers To Healthcare Audience

Patient Engagement & Satisfaction

The easy interface of WhatsApp that people are already using in their daily life for chatting and calling increases their adherence to the telemedicine idea.
Patients can make easy appointments, scheduling, direct video call, and even the digital health records on WhatsApp. This improves patient engagement and satisfaction.

WhatsApp bot and patients.

No Need For Different Healthcare Apps

The best part of Doc Promo WhatsApp Bot is that a healthcare provider and user can use the same app for getting healthcare services. There is no need to keep a clutter of apps on the phone for maintaining records or contacting doctors. All can be done from one app.
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Healthcare E-commerce

WhatsApp Bot has also become a tremendous digital medium for healthcare providers to do business. With easy virtual assistance, scheduling appointments, digital billing, and easy access to reports, doctors can run their business online with just one simple and free app.
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Better Patient Relationship Management

With 24*7 hour service, an easy-to-use calling system, free to utilize, and omnipresent doctor’s assistance facilitates better communication with patients. 
As a result, it significantly improves patient acquisition, satisfaction, and experience. This, in turn, provides higher conversion rates.

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Client’s love

Love from Clients

FAQs related to WhatsApp Bot for Healthcare

It is a chabot program used explicitly by WhatsApp for conversational marketing and to help businesses better connect with their customers.

It is an automated system that runs on the WhatsApp platform using artificial intelligence (AI) features. People can communicate through WhatsApp chatbot with a chat interface, as they do on a regular WhatsApp messaging app.

FAQs related to Healthcare Digital Marketing

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