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Sept Google Core Algorithm Update – Important Points

Google has announced a new update to their algorithm, which could result in big changes to how search results are displayed. This update is designed to improve the quality of search results, so users can more easily find what they’re looking for. As always, it’s important to keep your website updated with fresh content to ensure that you’re providing the best possible experience for your users.

Google announced a core algorithm update on September 12, 2022. As stated in the official Google list of announced updates, the rollout could take up to two weeks to complete.

The initial response from the search community was positive overall, although some affiliate marketing Facebook groups were notably less active.

Core Algorithm Update

Google announces a core algorithm update whenever it makes changes that have a significant enough impact to be felt by publishers and search marketers.

The Official Google Search Central account announced the update in a tweet.

A core algorithm update is a change that multiple parts of Google’s algorithm undergo. Usually, these changes are more noticeable than the day-to-day updates the algorithm typically experiences.

However, it’s difficult to say how this will impact search results (SERPs) around the world, since we don’t know which languages will be affected. Most likely, this will affect search results globally since these updates are more general in nature.

Will Core Update Amplify Helpful Content Update?

Danny Sullivan recently tweeted that the effects of the ‘helpful content update’ might become more observable during a core algorithm update. He was responding to questions about the update and its potential effects on search results.

In a recent tweet, he said:

“It’s possible that the signal for helpful content wasn’t enough to create a change in someone’s specific situation, but when we make other updates (to the core product or review processes), it could add to that and be more significant.”

Remember that Danny said “maybe” before his statement – which means that it’s not set in stone that a core update will be more noticeable.

With that being said, the helpful content update (HCU) is always running in the background as part of the core algorithm.
So a new website can be affected by it at any time.

Google has not made any indication that the Helpful Content Update was amplified in the September Core update.
Although there were predictions that the HCU would change everything, it is now regarded with indifference by the search community.

Some believe that the HCU will come back stronger with a core update, but I disagree.
The past performance of other targeted updates suggests that this is unlikely.

The brand-new Podcasts Explore page isn’t featured on the YouTube homepage There aren’t designated categories for podcasts that are devoted to topics such as Sports Music, True Crime, or Comedy.

Because of the seemingly incomplete navigation, there’s a work-in-progress feel to it.

The review updates and spam updates had little impact on the industry, though they were felt more keenly by the most obvious offenders.
I didn’t think the HCU would have much effect on average websites either, especially since it was targeted and the announcement called out specific bad examples.

How to Respond to Core Algorithm Update

Although the response from affiliate marketers wasn’t as big as expected, it’s still important to be aware of changes in search console and to not react immediately.
Search results may take a few weeks to settle down, so it’s important to wait until things have calmed down before trying to make sense of them.

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