Reach To Your Patients At The Right Time With Healthcare Pay Per Click Marketing

Doc Promo fabricates & manages paid media ads & campaigns on the healthcare social platforms with tried & tested methods to be at the top.

PPC marketing allows healthcare brands to show up in ‘Search Engine Results’ on the grounds of paid promotions. You only paid, when your ad gets clicks. Once your ads get more clicks than you paid for, your cost per click is reduced, which indicates the success of your ads. Pay per click advertising is used to

Healthcare Pay Per Click

Doc Promo provides doctors and healthcare brands the high end customized PPC management services to drive conversions and sales

Suitable Keywords Search

In order to display the ad or campaign in front of the right targeted audience, we deeply look for suitable keywords and related healthcare competitors.

Builds Campaign & Ads

In addition to top-tier compelling content, images, and attractive designs, we develop brand-specific, noteworthy ads & campaigns to engage the patients & healthcare seekers.

Upgrades Website

We maintain & revive the website content, design, and all functionality for a better customer experience when they come to your site after clicking the ads.

Plans Bidding Strategy

Our team at Doc promo works to plan equitable bidding & budget strategies to list the best out of the paid advertisements and to get traffic from the right audience.

Campaign Analytics

We review, analyze, and report the ads & campaigns to emphasize our PPC marketing strategies to get more benefits out of paid media.

Docpromo Provides You Vast Platforms For PPC Marketing

Text Ads

Undoubtedly, text ads like Search Ads or Google Ads/Google Search Ads are one of the most common formats of healthcare digital marketing to get healthcare consumers traffic to your website & clinic or hospital.

These ads are important to create highly efficient PPC campaigns. Evidently, you can get better click-through rates, reduced cost per action, and improved quality scores.

Text Ads in PPC marketing

Display Ads

Especially, these ads are the most compelling way to showcase your healthcare services or brand to health consumers.

Using amazing pictures or gifs, banners, making suitable videos altogether, along with providing crisp and engaging content, these advertisements promote your healthcare business through google display ads, youtube, and other websites.

Display Ads for Healthcare PPC

Social Media Ads

Generally, these days every other person uses social media platforms to get up-to-date on recent news. Healthcare seekers also use these mediums to explore related information on an everyday basis.

Eventually, health care Social media marketing through ads like Instagram Ads, Facebook Lead Ads are the fastest medium to get website traffic and patient engagement.

Better Engagement through Social Media Ads

In-Stream Ads

Youtube and Facebook provide a novel platform for in-stream ads that can be in the healthcare consumers’ memories most memorably and exclusively.

Basically, In-stream ads are generally inserted into the ongoing videos, which are basically of three types: images ads, mid-roll, and pre-roll ads.

in stream ads to pay with click

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FAQs related to PPC marketing

PPC stands for pay-per-click, a form of the social media marketing that is used to remain top in the google search and get more website traffic. It is paid media and we paid to get the visits instead of earning visits organically. Gradually, this mode of social media marketing also became an important part of hospital marketing.

To be at the top of the search engine results page, when a patient or a healthcare seeker does some specific searches, PPC marketing helps healthcare organizations to gain more patient engagement and targeted audience at their website and to their clinic and hospitals. Therefore, PPC marketing helps to generate high revenues for healthcare brands.

The most evident Pay per click advertising platforms for healthcare or hospital marketing are Google Ads and Bing Ads (now known as Microsoft Ads). These platforms have the widest reach of healthcare seekers from different corners of the world.

With regular Pay per click advertising audits, campaign analytics, and up-to-date bidding strategies, a healthcare organization or healthcare professional definitely can get the most value out of PPC hospital marketing.

FAQ of Healthcare Pay Per Click