We Transfer Your Real World Reputation into the Digital World

Using the proactive approach together with generating automated, genuine positive patient reviews, Doc Promo manages a vital healthcare online brand reputation.

Surprisingly 90% of people trust online reviews before visiting a business. So google yourself & see where your healthcare brand stands. In short, Online Reputation Management is the audience’s perception of your name and brand on the online platforms. This can undeniably affect your healthcare business to:

Online Reputation Management Facts

Meet Doc Promo, Your Online Reputation Management Agency

Brand Monitoring & Auditing

Our team explores all online & social media platforms. After that, we track feedbacks, reviews and collect the health seekers' insights to improve online reputation.

Online Reputation Management Strategy

To manage brand reputation, we set the goals, limit the boundaries and prioritize the workflow. Then, we dominate SERPs, enhance the positive reviews & deal with negative feedback.

Crisis Management Strategy

Our team does in-depth analysis and makes a full-proof backup plan. We do this in order to maintain consistency in the brand position.

Doc Promo Works at the Four Platforms For Healthcare Brand Reputation Management

Owned Media Platform

This platform is controlled by brands. On the whole, this platform includes website development, blogs, and social media platforms. In reality, the more owned media channels your healthcare business has, the greater your digital footprints.

Given these points, Doc Promo gives your brand the heights. We work with you for your company and your name.

Multiple owned media platforms

Shared Media Platform

By all means, this platform comprises all videos, images, audio, and text that the concerned user posts online for your brand promotion.

With this purpose in mind, Doc Promo helps healthcare brands enhance their social reach through powerful shared media tactics forthwith.

Media Sharing Tactics

Earned Media Platform

Primarily, Earned media is also known as a free publicity platform. By all means, your healthcare brand gains this free publicity via news coverage, patients’ online reviews, patients’ stories.

You get an excellent online reputation due to coming attention to your brand. With this intention, we at Doc promo helps to maintain in-depth healthcare digital marketing strategies.

Earned media for online reputation

Paid Media Platform

Unlike organic digital platforms, this platform includes Pay-per-click advertising, social media ads, and search engine marketing. In short, your healthcare brand pays off to be on this platform. As a result, this platform gets the patients traffic at the fastest pace.

Therefore, Doc promo works with you to get you the most affordable but highly beneficial paid media plans with unique paid media strategies.

Online reputation through PPC

Client’s love

Love from Clients

Give Doc Promo the Opportunity to Build Your Priceless Online Reputation

FAQs related to Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management, also known as ORM, is basically a digital media practice of shaping and maintaining good and positive public perception. It can be for a brand, organization, or person on the internet and social media platforms. With this purpose in mind, we do this for our clients’ positive digital identity & business growth.

The top tactics to build an excellent online reputation includes:

  1. Collection and posting the positive feedback
  2. Review of previous customers and patients
  3. Manage the digital identity
  4. Actively responding to all the queries, comments, and feedback
  5. Consistent posting on social media platforms and handling the negative comments with a positive attitude

Undoubtedly, online or digital platforms are some of the best mediums to tell your audience about you and your profession. Coupled with excellent and extensive digital marketing strategies, such as a good website, active social media reputation management, SEO marketing, and paid media marketing, one can make their digital identity.

On the whole, this helps to maintain their online reputation. So, we at Doc Promo are always prompt to manage your online reputation without any delay.

The first step in online reputation management is to track and record your online presence. What people think about you and your work or what they comment on, all actions are carefully watched and analyzed to build further online reputation management strategies.

FAQs related to Healthcare Digital Marketing