Have you been wondering how to take advantage of Google's product rich results?

Google Expands Product Rich Results

Google made it possible for more websites to be eligible for product-rich results by using structured data.

Google has announced that they have expanded eligibility for Merchant Listing search experiences and product snippets through the use of structured data

This means that Merchant Center feeds are no longer necessary to be eligible for product-rich results.

There are also two new reports in the Google search console that have been made available for merchants to utilize.

Google stated that:

“Initially, product snippets in Google search results were primarily powered by schema.org Product structured data, and merchant listing experiences were primarily powered by product details supplied via a Google Merchant Center feed.
Now merchants can be eligible for merchant listing experiences by providing product data on web pages without a Google Merchant Center account.
This improved eligibility has in part been made possible by recent extensions to product-related properties and types in schema.org for areas such as apparel sizing and energy efficiency ratings.”

Enhance your products with world-class product experience.

When merchants use the appropriate structured data, they will become eligible to have their products displayed for sale directly from the search results.

This is what is known as an enhanced or rich search experience. Google has highlighted two product-related search experiences: Popular Products and Product Snippets.

Popular Products are search results that show images and provide more information than a regular search snippet. Product Snippets are similar, but also include the price of the product and other relevant information.

Google has launched new Search Console reports.

Google is removing the Product structured data report from Google Search Console and replacing it with two new reports.

This change will help product managers get the data they need to make more informed decisions about their products.

The new reports that are viewable within Search Console are:

Daily Merchant Listings Report

Sites that sell products should use the merchant listing report. This report shows structured data issues related to free listing experiences.

Daily Product snippets report

Sites that publish product reviews or use product structured data should use this report. This report shows structured data problems related to product snippets in search. The product snippets report absorbs the old product structured data report.

Free Product Listing Experiences Documentation

Google updated the documentation for the Free Listing Experiences to better help explain how businesses can best take advantage of them.

The updated documentation now features more information related to how merchants can qualify for free listing rich results through the use of product structured data.

This is a valuable tool for merchants who want to improve their visibility in search results and reach more potential customers.

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