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5 Marketing Strategies To Drive Patient Acquisition & Traffic

 What is patient acquisition? It’s a question that’s causing a stir among healthcare professionals. Some people confuse patient acquisition and patient retention. Others think something fresh in the sector will necessitate a completely different strategy. So, we’re here to answer all of your questions.

The process of enrolling new healthcare seekers or patients to your hospital or clinic is known as patient acquisition. Professionals in patient acquisition employ various strategies to entice potential customers to take action. Meanwhile, acquisition refers to what happens once patients visit your website or receive your emails. Acquisition occurs when someone is willing to contact you or schedule an appointment with you. So put? Acquisition drives revenue like marketing drives recognition.

Patient acquisition is not complex. All you have to do is follow specific hospital marketing methods, leverage your services, and attract a healthcare audience to your company. 

Let's take a closer look at these tactics for patient acquisition & driving traffic

1. Targeting the right healthcare audience

Consumers expect personalized experiences along the discovery-to-decision path; patients access healthcare information online. We’re not talking about personalized postcards with first names here; we’re talking about the kinds of consumer experiences offered by Amazon and Disney.

To obtain the knowledge required to target potential patients with market messages that resonate, you must target distinct attitudes, beliefs, and motives of individual healthcare consumers.

Essentially, you must segment the healthcare market and categorize your target audience into these segments based on their preferences. Then, by aligning services to the population’s needs—both as a whole and individually—hospitals can genuinely maximize the total lifetime patient value.

2. Reaching the consumer where they are

Are you reachable? If a new patient cannot reach you, your excellent health care will not attract many new patients. People want to get in touch with someone. For example, searching for the “gynecology department” online does not solve the purpose. The basic need of people is to know to whom they are communicating. Check that phone numbers are visible, staff emails are accessible, and live chat functions on your website are operational. A business should not build walls to keep customers out but rather doors to allow them in.

Use technology to contact your patients as well. For example, use telemedicine and make yourself available to your patients when they require it. Provide online consultations, diagnose problems, and, if possible, provide 24*7 service.

3. Using content that differentiates your services

Content creation is a strategic approach that focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and engage a healthcare audience.

Use content to inform and educate your patients about their health and provide specific problems for which solutions are required. After you’ve identified and prioritized different segments of healthcare seekers and aligned them with your top clinical service lines, you should focus on your content.

Without great content, marketing is impossible. Therefore, regardless of the marketing tactics you employ, content marketing should be an integral part of your overall strategy, not an afterthought. All types of marketing, including social media marketing, press releases, PPC, inbound, and SEO marketing, rely on high-quality content.

4. Using healthcare digital marketing tools

While not all patients prefer to use digital health tools, the number of those who do is growing. Many Millennials, for example, appreciate the ease of use of apps that allow them to make appointments or pay bills from their mobile device. A sound hospital management system can benefit patient acquisition in conjunction with good AI health apps that connect patients with doctors.

Using digital tools is one of the best hospital marketing strategies for attracting new healthcare audiences to your brand:

The healthcare website is the focus of attention.

Healthcare practice websites must be kept up to date with new technological advancements. You need more than just the ability to write a blog or post on Facebook. Prioritize content to demonstrate why you are the best in the business and to share helpful information with those looking for a healthcare professional they can rely on.

In addition, create an ad that links to positive patient reviews and testimonials to highlight your relationship with your patients. Use clear images and tell authentic stories that make you more relatable. Finally, provide your patients with more information about your healthcare practice. Remember that your website serves as a window into your routine for all prospective patients.

Connect on Social Media to Increase Your Engagement.

Eighty-five percent of users use social media to learn about and share health-related information with others. As a result, it has become a priority for healthcare practitioners to connect with their patients using social media platforms through blogs, infographics, visual quotes, videos, etc.

Social media engagement is essential because it allows doctors to build credibility and trust with their online audience while also measuring their response. Social media platforms have grown in popularity because they help build an online community and influence how patients speak about healthcare providers to the people they know.

Using Your Online Reputation to Attract New Patients.

It is critical to managing your online reputation because it significantly impacts attracting new patients. Because nearly 72% of patients use online reviews as their first step in finding a new doctor, your online reputation is frequently the first impression for many patients.

This is also why you want most of your reviews to be positive. Request that your patients loyal to your office post some positive reviews online. The more positive reviews you receive, the more visible your presence becomes, allowing you to dominate local searches.

Outperform Your Competitors Using SEO and Paid Searches.

We are all aware that the internet attracts many prospective patients. The position of your healthcare practice in search results is critical in attracting more local visitors to your website. Search engine users who specifically look for you with keywords such as the conditions you treat or the services you offer along with ‘near me’ search terms are more likely to convert into new patient appointments.

Furthermore, 39 percent of patients who see a paid search ad for a healthcare facility visit the advertised website. Therefore, increased advertising-based attraction, as well as paid searches, can drive better engagement and awareness of your practice, allowing you to succeed in patient acquisition online.

5. Focusing more than just health outcomes

Patients naturally want positive health outcomes, but that doesn’t mean that’s all they expect, especially when they’re just starting to look for or consider a healthcare provider. 

So make sure you’re marketing based on factors that prospective patients value:

  • What types of insurance do you accept at your practice?
  • What is the location of your practice, and what are your hours of operation?
  • Do the doctors in practice have favorable reviews?
  • Is your staff pleasant?

Addressing critical components of the overall patient experience early and frequently—even when they aren’t directly related to medical care. It is an integral part of marketing to consumers who are only a click away from switching providers.

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